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28 December 2012 @ 12:00 am
The Intro Post of Doom  
Intro-Posts are sort of fashionable. Now I may not be known for my trend abiding but I figured why the hell not. Bandwagon here I come!  

So, here's the deal...

I listen to music like it's what's keeping me sane. - It is.

I read like I shower. - At least once a day and throughly. 

I write like I talk. - One reviewer once said, 'your writing style brings to mind a wise old beatnik/hippie, off-tangent, poetic, slightly drugged-out, feeling high on words, ya dig?'

I approach work like I approach acting. - I'll do pretty much anything as long as it's in character.

I talk like I walk. - Mostly a lot, sometimes too much, then not at all.

My friends are like an old football injury. - On the really good days you can still play. On the good ones you can't even tell there's a pin in that knee. On the bad you walk with a limp or not at all.

My humor is like my intelligence. - Sometimes it's there, sometimes it's not but either way it's definitely unique.

My life is like a sitcom - It's usually ridiculous, at times lackluster, tragedies occur but are downplayed by a well timed joke (they also usually only last an episode or three) and the writing can be shotty, but you love it anyway.

What you'll find in my journal is quite a bit of fan!girling, some fic, a few recs, the occasional RL post, and plenty of sarcasm. Friending is open and most likely reciprocated. 


I'm shorter than the national average.
I work for the Starbucks Corporation.
I'm the youngest and the only girl.
I grew up on the east coast.
I'm pursing a double major in language and legal studies.
It's very likely I won't know what I want to be when I grow up until grad school.
New York isn't the only home I claim but it's the most accurate.
I'm more Irish genetically than can really be necessary.
I'm so many walking contradictions my very existence should be considered paradoxical.
Supernatural was my first fandom.
I procrastinate but my room is always clean.
I laugh more than I sigh.
I'm pretty sure my autobiography would bore you. 

Look, Ma! I have hands!

ETA: Revamped and now sparklier than ever! Plus, there may or may not be tribbles.

Hiding:: SHdfshfcualfn
Feeling:: contentcontent
Listening:: Regina Spektor - Eet
✬ dhu: tea pong champion ✬colourmeshocked on September 21st, 2008 03:36 pm (UTC)
Your intro is great, darl!
Lots of details about you without being overbearing <3
I wish I was more adequate with words in mine.

Pssh! I don't think you bored me at all *smishes*
seren_mercury: Iron Man: Silverseren_mercury on September 22nd, 2008 07:22 am (UTC)
Aw, *smishes back* thank you so much. I hate talking about myself, it's the one topic that seems so awkward for me. I'm glad I didn't bore you. And I'm thrilled it wasn't overbearing. One can not always tell where the line when it's all about them.

You actually reminded me that I have to edit it because there a couple of typos. lol

✬ dhu: tea pong champion ✬: Shia- LAUGHcolourmeshocked on September 23rd, 2008 07:03 pm (UTC)
I hate talking about myself, it's the one topic that seems so awkward for me.
Right there with you! It's like you don't want to appear egoistic but yet you don't want to purposely put yourself down, so you're kinda stuck in a limbo with basic facts (gender/age/country etc) :\

Haha. I didn't notice any actually ;D I guess when the text flows nicely, you just don't see the teeny mistakes ;D

seren_mercury: DWL: Teh Kissseren_mercury on September 24th, 2008 01:43 am (UTC)
I know! It's one of the reasons I always hated resumes, autobiographical essays and admissions essays. It's like, you want to know how awesome I am, but if I tell you it completely negates the point.

Aw. *blushes* They weren't so teeny. I tend to type/write so quickly that I skip words, or half-thoughts in my rush to have my fingers keep up with my head. They are not on the same frequency. But thanks for the extra compliment. I guess you saw the part about me being easily swayed. Tehe.