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07 September 2009 @ 01:06 pm
Did You Just Kill A Guy With An Appetizer?  
Things That Make Day NOT Awesome:

⚉ Waking up at four forty

⚉ Being seven minutes late to work

⚉ Opening store w/ Condescension-nator 8000 who may be the most unbearable individual, ever.

⚉ Having no other staff but CN8000 until nine and it being insanely busy

⚉ CN8000

⚉ Running out of ever-ee-thang. Even coffee which is too many kinds of ironic.

⚉ Getting blamed for possible coke addict barista's miskake.

⚉ Having to do it again tomorrow 

Things That Make Day Awesome:

⚇ Really Good Music

⚇ Getting off of work at 11:30

⚇ Discovering new level of self control (i.e. NOT stabbing CN8000 or CAB with splash-stick)

⚇ Most Bitchy Customer in History of Bitchdom - Retail Edition complimenting my demeanor

⚇ Making the most bomb White Mocha Hot Chocolate ever

⚇ Learning that I'm off Thursday night

⚇ My hair no longer smelling like cinnamon powder

On a unrelated note, I can't believe it's only three/four days until Supernatural returns! *giggly twirl* Can I get a hell yeah?

Oh Boys! How I've missed you. *draws hearts*
Hiding:: not Starbucks
Feeling:: goodgood
Listening:: Jen Titus - O Death